Make your Bones Stronger through Exercise

The following provides simple information so that you can create your own bone building program.

Strength training performed 2-3 times a week
— Remember strength is specific so squats will only strengthen your leg bones and won’t strengthen the upper body

Jumping exercises are the easiest way to increase bone density because of the impact

Swimming is easy on the joints and helps build the cardiovascular system but it doesn’t do anything to build bones.

If you have osteoporosis, you can perform a “heel drop” exercise for lower body weight training.
–Stand with the balls of your feet on a step and lower your heels down. Repeat 5 x

Walking can build bone but if you spend all of your day on your feet then it will probably be inadequate to stimulate bone adaptation. Jogging or brisk walking may be of value in this instance.

Basic squats with weight help strengthen the spine

Step ups and lunges strengthen the hip bones

Push ups will help strengthen the wrist bones

Adaptations will probably take about 6 months but they can be of great benefit in maintaining your bone health.

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