Is My Cellphone Giving Me Cancer?

According to the National Cancer Institute they probably don’t give us cancer. Cell phone usage has greatly increased over the years and people are concerned because of the radiofrequency energy they emit. This is in the form of non-ionizing radiation. This type of radiation has not been shown to cause cancer.

Don’t get this confused with ionizing radiation (e.g. X-rays) which has been shown to cause cancer. There have been many studies conducted on sources of non-ionizing radiation with conflicting results such as radar, microwave ovens, cell phones, etc and there is no consistent evidence that an individual’s cancer risk is increased. Non-ionizing radiation has also been shown to not be able to cause DNA damage which would lead to the development of cancer. The World Health Organization has stated that they are classifying cell phones as possibly carcinogenic because there is mixed evidence.

If you are concerned just continue to upgrade your phone regularly because each new phone becomes more efficient and emits less energy. You can also hold it further from your head using the speaker phone or hands free set. Using your phone less would also limit exposure.

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