Do I have back pain because I am overweight?

I hear this frequently and the answer is far more complicated than that. Being overweight can be a contributor and it also contributes to many other health problems ranging from foot pain to diabetes.

Sometimes patients believe that weight loss surgery or breast reduction surgery will “fix” their back pain. It is not likely but can make it less severe. You will still need to figure out the underlying cause and take the time to address it. Even patients with spinal surgery (attempting to address the cause of the issue) will likely need rehabilitation afterwards.

In most cases, surgeries for back pain without effective rehabilitation done with a therapist (specialized in treating spine conditions) are a serious mistake and an unnecessary risk.

Weight loss is an important goal and has a multitude of health benefits but if the solution to excruciating back pain is a 12 month diet, bariatric surgery or breast reduction then the treatment is far too difficult, expensive and risky to attain and the suffering is too great.

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