Don’t Fall into the Swamps of Despair

Recovering from an injury is always difficult. Each person faces their own unique circumstances, physical and mental challenges and has their own expectations. Those who are not working in healthcare do not realize that recovering what you have lost is never guaranteed after something happens to you.

Physical therapy is the bridge to getting back what you lost. Athletes want to get back on the ice or field and others need to get back to work to provide for themselves and their families. Sometimes the goal is just to become pain free or be able to take care of yourself. No matter what your journey, physical therapy bridges the gap between just surviving, staying independent or returning to athletics.

All of us want to enjoy our lives, families, friends and have great fulfilling experiences. This is difficult if you are injured or always in pain. What if you and your friends play recreational volleyball and you hurt your shoulder. Now you don’t only have the pain and disability from the injury you have also lost a social aspect of your life that you enjoy.

We take your recovery seriously at Factor Physical Therapy. Every plan is customized to help you recover as fast and seamlessly as possible taking you through a rewarding 1 on 1 PT experience. Our patients graduate stronger, gain greater function and are more resistant to future injury.

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