Could a hospital be more hazardous than a construction site?

According to OSHA, hospitals are more dangerous places to work than jobs in construction or manufacturing. This is concerning because we need our healthcare workers to stay healthy so they can serve our communities.


Five Top Causes of Injury in Hospitals 48% Overexertion and Bodily Reaction

25% Slips, Trips and Falls
13% Contact with Objects
9% Violence
4% Exposure to Substances
1% Other Cause



Hospital Injuries Resulting in Days Away from Work

54% Sprains and Strains
11% Bruises
10% Pain and Soreness
5% Fractures
3% Multiple Trauma
3% Cuts and Punctures
14% Other Injuries


Risks: The aging workforce makes people more vulnerable to infection or musculoskeletal injury. Larger patients also present challenges when they have to be moved.

If these workplaces can be managed better, our healthcare improves and becomes less costly.

Improvements in workplace safety have brought down injury rates in all of these industries but improvements in manufacturing and construction have surpassed hospitals.


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