Know Your Enemy: Surviving Private Insurance in the U.S.A.

The health of our citizenry is poor. Americans continue to work long hours and multiple jobs only to see very little economic progress. We are only human and can only do this for so long and eventually we break down.

The cost of our health insurance continues to rise seemingly out of control. There are less services covered and too often we don’t have the benefits we need or don’t know how to access them. It is a simple math problem. Collect a certain amount of premiums and then do everything possible to avoid paying anything. The goal is to stall, delay, confuse and discourage until the end of the year when all the insurance deductibles start over. If you get discouraged and don’t fight for yourself then you’ll easily lose.

Overall the expense of handling the problem grows because the problem usually gets worse and so does its complexity. This means people are sick and injured for longer and suffering needlessly. This also makes our citizens suspicious of the providers and causes a loss of faith in the system. Checkmate: Private Insurance won again. Stay at home. Don’t go to the doctor. After all, it isn’t worth the effort.
There is another sinister trick, the removal or severe decrease of physical therapy benefits from your coverage. Check your benefits this year. It is critical that you demand this on your policy. This matters because it isn’t enough to have your doctor keep you from dying or tie you back together. You must have a caring expert guide you through the complex recovery in order to restore your quality of life. This nation is huge and full of disabled people who live with their condition and chronic pain. Many clinics and hospitals don’t have the time or expertise to solve the nightmare scenarios.

At Factor Physical Therapy, we utilize the latest science, expert in depth problem solving and provide 1 on 1 care. Hiring the best team will load the deck back in your favor and help you achieve an excellent outcome.

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