When do I need a physical therapist vs a personal trainer?

Physical Therapists are trained to deal with medical problems and are part of the healthcare system.

Personal trainers are part of the fitness world.

Physical Therapists treat individuals who have varying degrees of pain and disability from 0% to 99% function.

There are cases that an individual will be released from physical therapy before they have reached their full function but not all of those cases will be ready for a personal trainer or a gym membership. These individuals are dealt with on a case by case basis and advice is tailored to the individual.

Personal trainers come into play when you are free and clear musculoskeletal dysfunction and/or a health problem that doesn’t require medical assistance.

Often we get questions if the two are interchangeable and that is not the case. Personal trainers can be a great ally helping clients to achieve their goals after they have reached a level of function that no longer requires the problem solving skill of a physical therapist to restore someone’s health.

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