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13 Tips for Strength Training Your Kids

Can Kids Strength Train Safely?


It is a good idea to start building healthy habits for your children and improve their fitness. Here are some quick tips that can help you guide your kids so that they can reduce the risk of injury.

1. Kids should start in an environment where they can learn the basics and master their technique.

2. It’s not a bad idea to learn from a personal trainer who has a pediatric certification. Supervision is a must in the beginning.

3. Their weight training program should address major muscle groups and a combination of strength and aerobic training.

4. Weight increases should be no more than 10% after the child has demonstrated mastery of the previous weight for 8 to 15 repetitions.

5. It can improve self-esteem and help maintain a healthy body weight.

6. The training program must be age appropriate for the child involved and typically children should not begin any program before the age or 7 or 8.

7. Weight machines are often not appropriate because they weren’t built to fit children. Consider the use of free weights, resistance bands or body weight exercise.

8. There must be a level of emotional maturity.

9. It is not advised that kids participate in body building, power lifting or trying to achieve a 1 rep max. Avoid competitive lifts.

10. Kids should not lift weights “explosively” until they have reached physical and skeletal maturity.

11. If the exercise is safe, supervised and appropriate, your kids will be able to strength train while limiting risks.

12. Do not work through injuries. Seek out professional medical advice.

13. Always seek out the professional advice of your Pediatrician and your Physical Therapist before beginning a routine.

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