Physical Therapy Services

We provide comprehensive one on one care* and expert problem solving. We believe in a team based approach and encourage communication between providers so that the patient can achieve the optimal results. Patient advocacy and respect are commonplace at our clinic.


As surgery has evolved so has rehabilitation. A quality therapist keeps up to date with the latest in surgical procedures and works with your providers to make sure you are getting the appropriate care. Research over the last two to three decades has led to improved scientific application to the rehabilitative process. The modern therapist is equipped with the ability to use enormous amounts of knowledge for complex problem solving in an evolving healthcare environment. Their knowledge and experience lead to improved healthcare for patients across the United States. Thanks to university advancement in curriculum, physical therapists are poised to move the field to the next level.

Understanding the Process

The most important aspect patients should understand about physical therapy is that it is a process, not a pill. There are rarely quick and easy solutions for difficult problems but the process can be rewarding. Not only is it becoming the preferred path to recovering health and function but it is also being used for conservative pain management. When you work with an expert provider that can take on the challenges you are facing and meet the evolution of those challenges with consistently excellent results, you will be grateful you chose Factor Physical Therapy.

*One on one care means one patient for each healthcare provider.